About Shubham

SHUBHAM AUTOMATION & SERVICES (SAS) was formed in April 1997 by an enthusiastic, dynamic and innovative team to offer world class solutions in the field of industrial Automation.

Shubham started as a technology firm dealing in solutions. However, as time progressed the team recognized the need and appreciation the market had for innovations especially in the automation sector.

It all began with a Quality Assurance project in the pharma sector where while offering a solution one of the founders struck upon an innovation. This sparked the need to diversify into using technology combining both mechanical and electronic and offering problem solving products, and solutions which ensures completeness and correctness for the manufacturers as well as the end-users.

Further, propelled by continuous success, Shubham Automation Services began offering intelligent solutions incorporating IT with automation securing supply chain management for various verticals for track and trace products right from shop floor level to the display units.

Each innovation brought Shubham closer to the Manufacturer and the Consumer. Innovation in products witnessed a range of novel designs and industry specific outputs which made industry leaders stand up and notice.

Buoyed by this, consistently innovating and diversifying, Shubham has designed and implemented numerous solutions in varied Industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, Textile, Automobiles, Chemicals and Fertilizers among others.

These solutions that comply with the current requirements Standards like GMP Laws and Regulatory Authorities like FDA help the firms stay ahead of their competitors as well as remain credible among their consumers.

We are eternally grateful to our OEM customers & End Users who bestowed their trust on our knowledge & inspired us to design & develop trend setting solutions.

Shubham Automation is committed to continuous up gradation of knowledge, service & efforts in all fields of operations.

Shubham Team


Prashant Patel is the brains behind Shubham. A hardcore operations person, Prashant is a graduate in Engineering specializing in Instrumentation & Control. Born in Kherva, Mehsana district of Gujarat, process runs in his blood.

Automation is his complete focus right from the first product he helped create and launch to the latest cutting edge technologies his team is creating. Prashant has been the backbone of the engineering, research and development at Shubham Automation.

Reading technical magazines and designing machines and systems is his hobby and in whatever spare time he manages, to listen soft Indian music and also he is fitness freak.

Armed with a dream of making Shubham Automation the leader in end of packaging line solutions in India and World, Prashant refuses to rest.


There is hardly a moment when Biren Patel does not think Automation. He is the heart of Shubham Automation continuously thinking of newer and innovative ways of providing solutions to the clients. Not to mention, searching for newer avenues at every step.

Biren is the heart of Shubham Automation continuously thinking of newer and innovative ways of providing solutions to the clients. Not to mention, searching for newer avenues at every step. Equipped with a degree in Engineering, Instrumentation & Control, Biren dreams of making Shubham a global brand competing with the biggest and best in the world, leading in the field of Automation.

His entry into the world of Automation happened when Biren helped design a Packing Automation product in 2009 called SMART TRIO which could work three operations like weighing, printing & inspection of filled carton, together. This technology was well received at the Indian Pharma Conference (IPC ) that year.

Spiritually inclined, Biren loves to travel and indulge into Indian Film & Classical Music. Aspiring to lead a fit and healthy life, Biren also aims to be a supportive life partner, kind father and respectful son.


He is probably the quieter member of the team. Always smiling and forever implementing, Sanjay Patel is also an IC Engineer who shares the dream of making Shubham the leader in Track and Trace and Image Processing based solutions.

Having worked in numerous other organizations, Sanjay brings about a rich and varied experience to the table. Sanjay's experience with IT solutions and chip manufacturer is one of the strengths that helps Shubham stay ahead in the Innovation graph.

With a noble intention of designing innovative products and providing solutions to the society, Sanjay measures his journey in the number of lives he touches on a daily basis. A fan of hindi movies, Sanjay lives the fitness life seeking and providing peace to self and his clients the world over.