Check Weigher

SAS –WC series check weigher is a sophisticated system having its unique design and precise weigh controls in the standard online check weigher market. It is best suitable in the field of Pharma, Food, Dairy Products, Cosmetics, Pesticides and many others too.

Most of its structure is made from stainless steel and is supported by latest automation technology. Large color touch screen for excellent visibility and easy operation of the system is not only reducing operator errors but also make packing line more efficient & accurate .

This technology is based on Dynamic Loadcell to check products’ weighing correctness & completeness . It can handle speed up to 180 products / minute with good weighing accuracy .

SAS –SW series shipper weigher is suitable to check shipper completeness in packing line in above mentioned industries . It is based on Cantilever type Loadcell with summing amplifying technology to get accurate weighing reading in any motion condition . This loadcell is designed for any harsh environment rated with IP68 .


SAS - WC180
Features & Characteristics
  • 3S : Sharp ,sturdy & simple
  • Best in price & performance
  • Loadcell / EMFR technology selection based on application
  • Large color touch screen for ease of use & view
  • Dynamic auto set point facility for any product.
  • Various screens & menus protected with multi level coded security system
  • Specimen selection library
  • Printer port to get batch report
  • Compact size requires minimum space on the production floor.
  • Smoothly driven conveyer gives better performance of the machine
  • Simple air blow/pusher rejection system
  • Underweight/overweight, double product rejection
  • Low air machine stop
  • Tri-color LED tower light for operational overview
  • Flexible to integrate & install
Model Specification
Specification SAS –WC120 SAS- WC180 SAS – WC HSA SAS – WC HSA
Weighing Range 1000gms 500gms 500gms 30000 gms
Speed* 120 ppm 180 ppm 300 ppm 20 ppm
Accuracy ** +/-500gms +/- 300gms +/- 150gms +/- 10gms
Operating Height *** 700-850 mm 700-850 mm 700-850 mm 700-850 mm
Standard Length *** 1050 mm 1050 mm 1050 mm 700 - 1000 mm
Weighing Technology Loadcell Loadcell EMFR Loadcell
Power Supply 230 VAC 230 VAC 230 VAC 230 VAC
Air Supply 6kg/cm2 6kg/cm2 6kg/cm2 6kg/cm2
MOC SS 304 SS 304 SS 304 SS 304 / MS powder coated