Mix Up Prevention System
What is Mix UP Risk in Pharmaceutical Sector:
Mix-up of packaging materials injures the human life. Sometimes, this mix-up causes the deaths of people. In some cases, a drug product must be recalled due to a problem occurring in the manufacturing or distribution of the product that may affect the public health negatively.
Cause of Mix Up
Major cause of these errors were associated with label and packaging problems. Improving the efficiency and quality of the packaging process will provide safe and effective drugs. Mainly due to human error at Packing area by selecting wrong packing material or at the stage of supplier where it has been printed wrong information or mixing of other packing material in required packing material.
Possibilities of mix Up & Solution with Pharmacode / 2D code

Hawk -250
  • Preserve Patient Safety , Protect your Brand & Reduce Packing Risk & cost
  • Secure Packing Line from undetected and wrong product
  • Suitable for Folded carton, leaflet & booklet
  • High Resolution & High speed vision system
  • Easy to use & adjust Universal Motorized feeder
  • Vacuum conveying system for easy transfer of product
  • 15 inch touch monitor to set all parameters
  • Different reports like Fail Image analysis ,Batch & audit trail report
  • GMP Design
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
Hawk - 250 Features

HAWK – 250 is the ideal product in any latest pharma manufacturing company to safeguard its brand and of course Patients Life . This system is a combination of Advance Feeding Technology, Vacuum Conveying System , Online Vision Inspection and Rejection with Bin Verification.

  • Motorized Feeder
    Motorized Feeder is designed to deliver any product like Leaflets, Loose Labels, Outserts, Unfold Leaflet , Unfold Cartons on Vacuum Conveyor at very high speed. Its easy to adjust mechanism helps operator to use it for multiple types products with minimum down time . It has different models and design to handle any challenging product to deliver on conveyor.
  • Vacuum Conveying System
    This is a unique feature of the system to travel any product with out vibration on the conveyor by providing vacuum to hold the object through out inspection . We can control the vacuum by Variable Frequency Drive.
  • Online Inspection System
    This system is designed with using high speed camera & LED based white Light to detect code at high speed. It can detect any standard codes like Linear code, 2D Matrix Code , color / mono Pharma code and Item code ( Alpha Numeric Code ) .
  • Rejection with Bin Verification system
    It will operate when any unwanted product is detected by the Inspection system and transfer that product into rejection bin. It is also secured with Bin verification device to check whether that product falls in to the bin or not .If it doesn’t transfer into the bin ,System will stop the machine .
  • Code Master
    This PC based application has been designed with different features like specimen creation, vision set up , Run Batch & reports like Daily , Batch & audit trail as per 21 CFR Part 11 pharma compliance.