Shipper Weigher

Low to High Weight Accuracy System

Applicable to loads from 2kgs to 50 kgs, this Shipper Weigher is capable of handling any capacity of loads. Primarily suitable to pesticides industry, this shipper offers live Id and live peripheral integration leading to better traceability.

Shubham's shipper weigher solves one of the biggest bane of the packaging industry that is weight variance. The second being empty cartons. These affect not only the brand but also the credibility among the consumers who are loaded with options.

ShubhamAutomation’s Shipper Weighersafeguards your product from accuracy pains as well as your brand from credibility losses. Equipped with high speed conveyor belts and state-of-the-art software that not only combines the speed and accuracy but also gives out in-depth analysis which can help solve challenges at the shop-floor level.

Unique Features of Shipper weigher

  • Modular adjustable design for fast set-up and mobility.
  • Wide Screen Unit
  • HMI updated with the latest Software
  • Conveyor system capable of handling multiple shape, size and dimension
  • Customized as well as standardized software configuration offering you wide choices.
  • Unmatchable, washable & smooth link conveyor system
  • Ability to withstand harsh environments, translating to non-stop profits
  • Sensor-less rejection technology


  • Carton
  • Bottles
  • Pouch

Technical specifications

Specification SAS-WC10X SAS-WC20X SAS-WC50X SAS-WC100X
Weight Range Up to 10 Kg Up to 20 Kg Up to 50 Kg Up to 100 Kg
Throughput (Weighing /Minute) (*1) Max 50 Max 40 Max 20 Max 10
Accuracy (*2) From +/- 5gm From +/- 10gm From +/- 20gm From +/- 50gm
Display Resolution 0.005kg 0.01Kg  0.01Kg  0.01Kg
Operating Height in mm (*3) 600-750 600-750 600-750 600-750
Weighing Technology 4  Load Cell 4  Load Cell 4  Load Cell 4  Load Cell
Environmental Degree Protection Ip65 Ip65 Ip65 Ip65
MOC SS304 /AL  or MS SS304 /AL or MS SS304 /AL or MS SS304 /AL or MS
Power Supply 230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz 230 VAC, Single Phase , 50/60 Hz 230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz 230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
Air Supply 6 Kg/sq cm 6 Kg/sq cm 6 Kg/sq cm 6 Kg/sq cm

Rejection Mechanism : Pusher / diverter

Pharma vertical clientele