Simple, Easy & Successful

Shubham's EZPCR-AUTO-1C is a simple, small package of aggregation. All units driven from the serialization are rolled in on the conveyor belt in a pre-set numbers. The single camera fitted on the side reads each unit and once the pre-set figure is achieved the same is then pushed into the large collection areas.

Similar operations are conducted till the final figure is reached for an effective manual serialization of the product.

Among the other amazing features of EZPCR-AUTO-1C are its capability of detecting 2D Code on any size and dimensional product with minimal software setting enabling smooth sailing.

EZPCR-AUTO-1C easily integrates & works best with Smart Tracker as well as any Track & Trace solutions and is tough enough to withstand harsh environments, translating to non-stop profits.

EZPCR-AUTO-1C Unique Features

  • Single Camera based technology to handle online 2D code reading for aggregation just after serialization
  • Mega Pixel Lens with balanced illumination technology for better performace of camera
  • No dependency on pattern of filling cartons into shipper (datamatrix not require on top position) for 2D scanning
  • Standalone unit to integrate with Smart Tracker as well as third party Track & Trace solution
  • Seperation mechanism to provide proper feeding on conveyor for safe aggregation process
  • Rejection station to reject carton having any wrong / undetected datamatrix
  • Pnuematic type gathering station to gather cartons after aggregation for ease of operation
  • TTO type printer for parent shipper label printing after child carton agggreation
  • Hand Held scanner to varify 1D /2D code on label for tight integration with EZPCR applicaton
  • User Friendly Operating Software with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Industrial PC with separate 17 inch industrial touch monitor for ease of view and secure operation
  • Easily integrates & Works best with Our T&T software- SMART TRACKER as well as any Third party software
  • Fully Safe & Compact design

Technical specifications

Technical Details Specifications
Cabinet Housing Structure made from SS 304
Display 17 inch Color Touch Industrial Display
Camera High Resolution GigE Vision Hardware with specially designed illumination
Vision Tools Datamatrix
Printer TTO type Printer
Hand Held Scanner 1D / 2D code reader
Conveying Mechanism PVC belt conveyor with Massage belt type separator
Machine Dimension in mm 2170 (L) X 740 (W) X 2150 (H)
Height Adjustments for carton in mm Up to 150mm
Speed in CPM (Cartons Per Minute) 120 CPM
Overall Height in mm 2150 (H) Adjustable
Supply 230 VAC

Pharma vertical clientele